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my dearest ames

You hold so much of my heart. I had my doubts when I carried you in my belly. I didn't think it possible to love another baby boy as much as I loved your brother, Welles. But I was very wrong. With the extra attention he needs and receives over the years, I hope you always know that you are equally loved and in your own very special way. I already call you my little rock because that is just what you are... Calm and even keel like your daddy, who is also my rock. You sit back and observe the chaos happily. You let your two older siblings love you in their rough and tumble way. You take a good (loving) beating regularly and you hardly make a peep. You just seem to know when my hands are full and choose to be less demanding in those moments. It's like you have this mature disposition and a wisdom that I know will be valued in our home. It sounds funny to call a one-year-old as wise! But you didn't get the nickname "little old man" for no reason.


Our lover/fighter, whimsical and imaginative, bossy and passionate little buggy is a beautiful five-year-old. What?! Lately when I look at her I feel like I'm looking at a teenager! I guess I'm not quite ready for her to stop needing me so much. She's looking much older and becoming so independent (in spirit). How does this happen so fast? She was a perfect newborn and I was a nervous new mom just yesterday! Time... you sly devil. 


Home sweet home. Nothing beats going back for the holidays. While I have lived away for nearly 12 years, Northern California will always be where my heart feels is home. Taking my little family out there is always such a treat and leaves us with more wonderful memories that jog me back to when I was a kid.


Sharing the kids Christmas lists with you has been a great way to help me resist giving them all of their Christmas spoils now! I'm terrible with surprises and get too excited to wait on good things (sharing pregnancies, early birthday gifts, good news of any sort, etc...)! So thanks for letting me blab to all of you, instead! ;)


Since we got a great response over Scar's gift guide, I decided to share with my peeps what we're getting Welles. He is such a happy and content child and would probably be thrilled with a single ball from Walmart. This beautiful and grateful attitude of his makes me want to spoil him all the more! But I'll contain myself and stick to the items below, which are plenty enough spoils for any child. ;) I can't wait to see his reaction when he opens them. 


Holidays are here! George Wyle really knew what he was talking about when he wrote "It's the most wonderful time of the year". I couldn't agree more with ya, Georgey boy! And having kids get excited over the season really ups the fun level by a few notches.


I am pretty excited for today's post.  Mainly because it's centered around Christmas! Now, let it be known that gift giving/receiving is not my love language. In fact, I have been known to be kind of a lousy gifter. It's even gotten to the point where my husband just asks me to make him homemade coupon books... BUT now that we have a little girly in house who is holiday obsessed and writes santa new letters twice a week, I'm stepping up my game! I mean, this is a serious new leaf I'm turning here. #festivemomwannabe


What a perfect Halloween it was. Crispy air but not too cold. Leaves lining the streets and neighbors going all-out on out on the decorations and hospitality. Some friends were making scones on their porch and one home was passing out cotton candy as they made it in their front yard. Another cute friend was dressed as a witch and threw a snake into a cauldron turning it into sweet treats as she muttered her spell! We kind of live in the best halloweenhood. ;)


I don't know how many more years of costume coordinating we've got in us! Lucky for me, Scarlett wanted to be Alice and Welles and Ames kindly obliged to being her caterpillar and timely rabbit. ;) Aren't they so agreeable?? But really, I kind of can't wait for the day when Welles is into superheroes or athletes and insists on a cheesy costume for Halloween. Sounds funny, but that will show some real cognitive development. Until then, I will dress him up like a little doll in the outfit of my choice... Or Scarlett's choice! 


First off... Holy cow, what a week! I am in complete shock about the attention that last post got with our #StrongLikeYou video from Jane. So very humbled by the amount of comments, likes, shares and views. We are spreading our message so far and wide! I've been responding emails literally from around the world. It brings me to tears thinking about the way people could be changing their option of Down syndrome. I always knew Welles was born with a mission...