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I've said it before and I'll admit it again... structure is HARD for me! That being said, what 2017 screamed into my face was… not having structure is even harder. Not just harder on me, but on the whole entire family. Lacking balance, a bad habit that I've always struggled with, has caused chaos in every single piece of my lives puzzle. While I still FIRMLY believe in being flexible and spontaneous in motherhood, I clearly see the benefit of structure in our day-to-day… always still leaving room for fun and spontaneity, of course.

Splitting me...

Three sets of precious, sticky hands climbing all over me. Three different high pitch voices, asking me questions or squealing and pointing for something. Three mouths to feed with different dietary needs. Three bums to wipe in one way or another… Three different little people who want mommy to play with them in their own form of play. Three beautiful little kids that need time and attention from me… One me.

Bring it on, fall....

Never did I think I would be this ready for summer to end… but ready, I am! Let’s trade in sunny days for cooler and crisp ones. Let’s go from days of randomness to days of planned activities and let’s get back to me forgetting parent-teacher meetings and missing papers that need signing from school.



As many of you know, I am mother to a highly emotional, passionate, feisty and incredibly loving four year old (almost five), Scarlett! Also, I have an extra cool, extra happy, extra life-loving and extra chromosome carrying son, Welles. And then there is my attached at the hip (or chest;)), goo-goo eyes for mommy, tough from being a rag doll to his siblings and generally super content lover-boy, Ames.


For a number of reasons, I am sure that Scarlett was made for Welles as much as Welles was made for Scarlett. I know that the teaching and guiding will go both ways. It already does. While she teaches him to try new things, to push himself and be brave, he teaches her to love more deeply, to have compassion and patience (still working hard on that last one;)). They both need each other so much and are a perfect match for the other. I feel so lucky that they have each other and almost wonder if either of them really need me!?It all goes the same for sweet little


As we are nearing the end of Down syndrome awareness month, I've been reflecting on our life before Welles and how humbling it's been to learn from him. I was laying in bed thinking of this post and my eyes literally filled with tears. So many days I wonder why we were chosen to be so abundantly blessed to get to learn from this boy. He is such a beautiful and cherished blessing. Below I've listed the top five things that Down syndrome, and Welles have taught me. 

Out with the old, in with the new

We said goodbye to our beautiful home a few weeks ago. So many memories made in that place, lots of laughs and lots of diapers changed. We will truly miss that blue-grey home, but we are very excited for our new house, hopefully to be finished by January!

Summer Bucket List 2016

I'm a little late on the "Summer Bucket List" planning, but it's been crazy around here. Not just the usual, chasing kids, appointments, daily grind, crazy... We have some added chaos in our lives right now because we are MOVING! Dejunking, packing all of our belongings (in a semi-organized fashion) and taking off! Leaving the first home we built. I have all kinds of mixed emotions.