When I was contacted by Courtney Orton of Studio5 to share our story with locals, I jumped at the chance.  This would be my first time talking about our experience on film, which was both frightening and exciting.  I’m thankful for three things– First, that I didn’t crack an awkward joke out of nervous reaction. Second, that the water works didn’t turn on while talking about Welles’ birth. And third, that I got to spread Welles’ message of happiness a little further.

It always brings back so many emotions and an incredible spirit when reminiscing on the first few weeks of Welles’ life.  I don’t know if a time will ever come when emotion wont hit me like a sack of bricks thinking back.  Usually the scare and shock is what gets brought up, but I more so remember the overwhelming love that came instantly with my special little boy.  Life has only gotten a million times better since then.

It’s such a blessing to have these incredible friends that have a perfect understanding of this journey we are on.  Thank you to my two amazing friends who agreed to do the show with me.  Kathryn and Jeana are real gems and I’m just honored they let me hang around!

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