Anaheim with Holiday Inn

Anaheim with Holiday Inn

Family trips! Always stressful, always messy, always exhausting ALWAYS worth it. This was the funnest family get-away that we have done in a long time. When we got home, sure, I felt like I needed a two-day nap but I couldn't help feeling like we accomplished something great by making memories with our kids.


This was the first time traveling where I felt that Scarlett was making memories she could hold onto forever, which was a very special thing to watch as her mama. The excitement in her face as we did un-ordinary things was priceless. This is a new realm of time for us and I want to make the most of these years by adventuring at home and away from home. This "away from home" adventure was fabulous. 


We stayed at the Anaheim Holiday Inn, so that we could easily get to Disney Land, for two days of the trip, as well as the beach and some of our other favorite Orange County spots. Our Stay was perfect... our kids had one room, with a bunk bed to fulfill Scarlett's dream of top bunk, and we had an attached room. The hotel was decked out in Disney which made it that much more magical for Scarlett and Welles. Everything from comfy beds, clean rooms and space was perfect. The only hick-up? Welles escaping our room in the early morning. THANK HEAVENS the front desk found him and took great care of him. I still can't believe that happened and want to cry thinking about what could have happened. The stinker snuck out after Scott took a loud (and wide awake) Ames out to run and eat downstairs, hoping the rest of us could get more rest. Scott left thinking that Welles was fast asleep... but he was actually just laying quietly until he had the perfect escape opportunity! He climbed out of his crib, and opened the (heavy) room door, got on the elevator and rode up to the top floor! There, he was found and taken to the front desk where he played with the staffers for about an hour. Scott was shocked when he heard his little voice from behind the lobby desk while still chasing baby brother around the area. I cannot believe this happened and am so grateful for the caring workers who gave him a stuffed Mickey upon their 'good-bye' once daddy found him. Since then, we have cracked down on crib-climbing precautions! So much head ache and anxiety coming at us as he is becoming more mobile AND more savvy. 


On our days out of the Disneyland park we soaked up the Southern California life by eating fish tacos and beaching. We played poolside at the hotel until our hands were prunes. We visited old friends from college and met new friends (who we've Instagram stalked for years) that also have kids with Down syndrome. We went on walks along the beach and enjoyed the salty air that this mommy has been craving for months, in anticipation of this trip. We found great play places and new restaurants that we fully intend on going back to. We played hard and made the most of our five days of constant family time. We weren't quire ready to come back to reality, but are so thankful for the time we did get and look forward to future family adventures. 


The escapes we have outside the home create incredible memories. It's always well worth the work when I see my kids happy as they're experiencing new things and places.

Thanks a million to Holiday Inn who graciously sponsored this trip. We love traveling to family-friendly hotels that are so accommodating AND that save our escape-artist children (insert head-slap emoji)!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Holiday Inn. The opinions and text are all mine.

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