I've said it before and I'll admit it again... structure is HARD for me! That being said, what 2017 screamed into my face was… not having structure is even harder. Not just harder on me, but on the whole entire family. Lacking balance, a bad habit that I've always struggled with, has caused chaos in every single piece of my lives puzzle. While I still FIRMLY believe in being flexible and spontaneous in motherhood, I clearly see the benefit of structure in our day-to-day… always still leaving room for fun and spontaneity, of course.

Anaheim with Holiday Inn

Family trips! Always stressful, always messy, always exhausting ALWAYS worth it. This was the funnest family get-away that we have done in a long time. When we got home, sure, I felt like I needed a two-day nap but I couldn't help feeling like we accomplished something great by making memories with our kids.

Dear Birthday Boy

“Welles is loving, Welles is joyful, Welles is Smart, Welles is funny, Welles is handsome.” That is what’s written on our kitchen letter board right now. There are a million other beautiful words that describe that incredible little boy, but those were the first that came to my mind as I prepared for his birthday party last week.

Splitting me...

Three sets of precious, sticky hands climbing all over me. Three different high pitch voices, asking me questions or squealing and pointing for something. Three mouths to feed with different dietary needs. Three bums to wipe in one way or another… Three different little people who want mommy to play with them in their own form of play. Three beautiful little kids that need time and attention from me… One me.

Bring it on, fall....

Never did I think I would be this ready for summer to end… but ready, I am! Let’s trade in sunny days for cooler and crisp ones. Let’s go from days of randomness to days of planned activities and let’s get back to me forgetting parent-teacher meetings and missing papers that need signing from school.