DIY Office makeover with Stagg Design

DIY Office makeover with Stagg Design


Our office was a storage room with an old desk that I never used… the area was filled with junk and boxes. I needed space to focus and work, the kids needed a place to be creative and do arts and crafts… Scott wanted a music room where he could escape and create. So I called Jen and told her I wanted her to help me turn this room into a spot where all of these activities could be executed! And on a budget I might add….

The thing that I love most about Jen is that she comes into a space and then asks the following questions… “What is sentimental to you? What inspires you? What does your family love to do together? How do you want this room to function and feel? What colors, art or objects make you feel home and happy?” and then she brings all of those pieces and colors together and makes that space feel like a piece of your heart! \\

Scott was a huge contributor to this room! He did all of the desk and built-ins completely on his own! Then Jen came up with the designs for the moldings on the wall and put him back to work to make the room feel custom and beautiful… but without spending a million dollars! We took DIY to a whole new level in this office… well Scott and Jen did… I just cheered them on and brought them refreshing beverages when needed. ;)

As mentioned in the YouTube video below… this room is so personal to me. I grew up in a bright and bold home in Northern California. Living so far away from my childhood makes me long to have pieces of it in my own home. So Jen came up with the bold color of my dreams! I told her I wanted a statement color and she took the risk with me… I LOVE how it turned out. Its the perfect room for a statement. She also made the musical instruments that both Scott and I grew up playing pieces of art. She took prints and art work of Northern CA (and Orem, UT where Scott grew up) and made them focal points to bring me to my happy place.

This room turned out so personal and functional for our family. There is a space for everyone to do what they love in here and I could not have done this room without Jen Stagg! Use code OAKLEY15 and get 15% off any of her (stunning) products in the link below, including her beautiful wall paper (which they have never sold for the discounted price)! Hoping some of her work inspires you to DIY a room that feels like YOU.

While many of the finishing touches are from a thrift store, I linked some of my favorite finishes that I could find for you below!

Stagg Design (Code: OAKLEY15 gets that 15% off of EVERYTHING!)

Northern CA Art

CA B&W Print

Guitar Hooks

Alphabet Print

Majority of Wall Art was Juniper Print Shop (So many beautiful prints!)

Gold Pendants (above desk)

Grey Tufted Target Couches

Play Table (though I bought without the chairs, I got those brown modern chairs from target and can no longer find them… sorry!)


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