Baby Ames

Baby Ames

My first two babies came easily. Before their due dates, water broke at home, labors were fast and babies were in my arms ahead of schedule. Ames wanted to be different. He took his time. With Welles being 2.5 weeks early, I thought that Ames would absolutely be home with us just in time for Christmas. And because my sister, Christiana and parents were in town for the holidays, we all tried to get my body going and get baby out (walks, Dance Dance Revolution, and ya know, the other tricks ;) )! I was dilated to a four with an almost non-existent cervix and a baby low with his head feeling like it was falling out. I mean, come on. We were both ready, he just couldn't figure the exit out! But there I stayed, dilated almost half way, head hangin' low and sure that I would just be pregnant forever. I've always had a natural (yet epiduraled-up) experience with my water breaking on it's own and natural dilation, that the thought of getting induced was not a thought I wanted to entertain. My body had gone on it's own twice before, so that's what it would do this time, I hoped. Then, at my last appointment my doctor suggested getting induced. My body and baby were ready in her opinion and because I was already at a four and my labor was super, crazy fast with Welles, she thought it was the safest option anyways. Miserably pregnant and devastated that my sister had already had to leave town and miss his world debut, I scheduled to be induced on New Year's Eve. My parents would be here to help out and pretty soon we would have baby brother home with us. I almost canceled the induction a few times in hopes I would go on my own, soon. Then the night before the induction, my contractions got longer, more painful and more frequent. It was as if baby boy had finally realized I was serious about this.

We went in early that Thursday morning and once they broke my water, it all went very quickly. It was a perfect labor. Very little stress, an amazing doctor and nurses and the most beautiful little angel graced our presence after about seven pushes. With Scott, my mom and other two sisters by my side, the instant love for this little boy could have made the room burst. You could feel angels around us delivering this sweet baby to his family. What a blissful day.

Scott and I couldn't help but compare the experience of this labor to the last. While I wish I had enjoyed Welles' birth as much as Ames', I'm so grateful for the growing experience we had with Welles' entrance into the world. And the spiritual journey that was kickstarted instantly with Welles was amazing. Difficult but amazing. We wheeled past the NICU where Welles spent his first weeks of life, a couple times during our stay with Ames. It flooded back deep emotions and memories that I now see as positive and beautiful. It was almost healing as I used to cringe with guilt when I drove past the hospital for the sadness I once felt. Heaven knows that sadness was quickly washed away as I fell deeper and deeper in love with Welles AND his diagnosis. That hospital is now a symbol of joy because it brought my two beautiful and perfect baby boys into this world.

Since we've been home, keeping Welles from smothering baby brother has been one rough task. He loves to pat him hard on the face. His therapist says that his low sensory keeps him from feeling how rough he is being. He thinks his love taps are soft while Ames strongly disagrees. He also loves to give baby slobbery and delicious kisses.

Scarlett is in heaven and asks to hold Ames constantly. We could not have hand-picked a better big sister for those two boys. She loves showing him off to all who stop by the house. She definitely has a maternal gene in her. Too bad she's not diaper changing age...

Ames is mellow and almost always content. Praying that sticks. He is a GREAT newborn. So far, I've had that luck with my boys. Scarlett came out demanding constant attention. That continues to be the case with her and we love that spunk! But since he's my third and they're all so close in age, we are beyond delighted by his mellow temperament.

Being a mom brings me so much joy. Each of these babies have come with their own, individual spirit. Before each birth (well the second and third), it's been hard for me to imagine loving one as much as the one who came before. It amazes me each time how quickly I grow another heart.

Ames, welcome to the family, little guy! We all love you to pieces.

Some Ames facts;

  • He's the first kid to look more like my side of the family.
  • His umbilical chord was tied intp a perfect knot. Dr. Moreland had her nurses taking pictures because they had never seen anything like it. She says he must have swam it into a knot very early on.
  • He only cried in the hospital when he got a bath and shot. Otherwise he was perfectly happy.
  • He had his tongue clipped at a week old because he was apparently tongue tied.
  • He snuggles into anyone who holds him. Loves to nurse in our bed all night long.
  • We don't know when he wakes up much of the time because he just looks happily around without making a peep.
Momming to three

Momming to three

Let's talk baby brother...

Let's talk baby brother...