Kitchen detail

Kitchen detail

It's the busiest room in the house. It's the space that has the most chaos, accidents and clean-up. It's where we make a lot of family memories. It's where we spend time quality "together" time. It's a place where I nag people to pick up after themselves and it's an area that I make a lot of failed, overcooked meals. It's the kitchen. 

Since we moved into our new house, a lot of cyber-friends have asked questions about our new kitchen. It's our most used room in the house and I'm happy with how it turned out. The kitchen in our previous home was very white and bright. I decided that clean-lined look wasn't quite as fitting for our crazy and colorful family! So we added some dimension and warmth this time around, and it feels more like "us" with the homey touches we added.

While I am no master chef, often times rolling my eyes that no one is thrilled with that I've prepared, I do love being in the kitchen. I love making good, fresh meals or baking something yummy (or kind of yummy) with Scarlett. We spend so much time messing and cleaning this place up and I love teaching my kids little lessons in this room. With the boys, it's usually to pick up all the tupperware they've just thrown out of the drawer and with Scarlett, it's becoming actual kitchen chores. I love it. I love seeing them learn to be responsible and helpful in the kitchen. It's good for shaping these little people of mine. 

And for someone who has never really enjoyed cooking, it's funny that it's becoming my favorite room. 

The downside of the kitchen... it attracts chaos. Big time. So much so that I refuse to buy barstools for a couple of years. All I need is another route for my boys to climb into the sink and play with butcher knives and forks. Kidding... or am I? Right now, Ames' favorite pass time is climbing on the table and trying to swing from the light! The light that just so happens to be my FAVORITE piece in the room (details below!). Good thing it's sturdy. The boys other favorite activity is pushing an object over to the sink that they can climb on. Then they stretch their little arms into the sink and reach for dirty dishes to pull out and throw on the ground! And people wonder why there is a child lock on the trash drawer...  

Through the messes, the food throwing and the chaos, I love this part of our home. I love the way we use it, and I love the grimy little hands that keep it a mess. It's my favorite place to be with my favorite people. Look below for some of the things I have loved using in our kitchen. 

Love you peeps!

kitchen cups-- Puj cups

colorful bowls-- Anthropologie 

felt board-- Letter Folks

happiness quote-- Robert & Stella

dinning light-- Lighting Design by Hinkley Lighting

dinning table-- World Market (similar)

black dining chairs-- Overstock 

green dinning chairs-- World Market (similar)

high chairs-- Stokke

entry way shoe bins-- IKEA

wall clock-- Crate and Barrel

triangle shelves-- Elm Ave Shop

kitchen drawer knobs--Target


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