the day-to-day

the day-to-day

When we did the Q&A blogpost a couple weeks ago, I was surprised at how many cyber-pals asked about our day-to-day routine. While I don't particularly find it interesting enough for a blogpost, I would enjoy getting a glimpse into the lives of some of the people I follow, and their day-to-day. It's just interesting because we get this idea of what we think each others lives are like, based on the pretty pictures we see on Instagram, when in reality they are probably far less glamorous than the little squares we see! 

So here you have it! A day in the life of Welles and company... ;)

I try to start my day off with a little exercise. After years of not being a "morning person" I finally enjoy waking up to a quiet and still house. It clears my mind and wakes up my body for the day ahead! When I get back from my work-out, I sit in my office, eat breakfast and listen to Welles and Ames wake up and giggle back and forth from their cribs at each other. This is the best music of the day, hearing their chuckles and greetings to their brother. After responding to some emails, I jog upstairs for a production... as cheesy as this sounds, it's one my favorite things to do!!! I fling open the boys bedroom door and dance into their room in full-out song while they jump in their cribs laughing at me like I'm the most hysterical person on earth! They LOVE it and so do I. I just never want to see it from their eyes or I might be too humiliated to do it ever again. ;) They are so happy in the morning, both reaching for me and grinning from my little mommy-show. 

I then double-arm carry them both down the stairs (how am I not super buff??) and get their breakfast going. Scott usually dashes down at this point and kisses us three good-bye. Welles cries at the garage door for a minute, missing daddy already, then perks up when his food is ready. We turn on music and get our day started off with some dancing. This is ALWAYS part of our morning. Throw in some ACDC, college acapella, imagine dragons or our latest favorite, Hanson brothers (don't hate)!

After some dancing, the hardest part of my day comes. Getting the boys dressed and ready. They run from me like I'm coming at them with a whipping stick when they see fresh diapers and clothes in my hands. Then wiggle and kick as I try to change and dress them. Every. Single. Time! My second work out of the day is dressing that duo! Then we're either getting Welles on the bus (twice a week) or if it's not a school day, he and Ames walk around looking for messes to make. This is usually the tupperware cabinet or pantry. Those are their go-to mess making spots. We have child locks on almost everything!

Around 10am my teenage-like five-year-old waltzes down the stairs with a mad case of bed-head. She is NOT a morning person and so we usually go over the same argument as she demands waffles, eggs and fruit snacks for breakfast. After compromising on a food that wasn't an original option, she requests snuggles. She needs love, needs it often and needs to start her day out with some affection and attention. While "thing one" and "thing two" are destroying the house, I try to ignore it and give her some one-on-one time. Some days this is a quick snuggle and I'll ask her what she dreamt about. She'll make up some long and silly dream and we'll both giggle about it. Other days, we get more time and we'll read together or play a game for a while. 

After morning routine is done, we try and get outside. We love to walk around the lake nearby, but on busier days, we'll just jump on the tramp and roll in the grass for a while. We may try and fit in some errands that are usually filled with the boys trying to jump out of the cart and Scarlett begging me for junk food or toys that we don't need. I kind of despise errands with kids... all moms can probably relate to this (insert rolling-eye emoji). 

We'll get home and I'll throw the boys in cribs for naps, which is also quite the exercise... After they babble back and forth, throw all blankets, pillows and stuffed animals out of their cribs, they'll fall asleep. Scarlett and I spend some time together while we can, then she'll usually beg for a friend because I "don't play barbies that good" and I will very happily oblige. While all kids are taken care of, I get a quick cleaning session in. Then, when there is time remaining, I'll sneak off to either work on blog stuff, eat a bunch of crap that I shouldn't or just lay down for a little recharge. The boys wake up and if I don't get in their room quick enough, Welles will take off his (usually messy) diaper and do some damage. So I rush in to get the afternoon started!

The boys will do some post-nap dancing while I get some house tasks done and start thinking about dinner and prepping. We typically have a couple extra neighborhood kids over at this time playing with Scarlett and rummaging through the pantry for snacks. 

The boys continue some mess-making and try to crash whatever Scarlett was doing, which usually frustrates her or thrills her... depending on Scar's teenage-like mood. 

Then the witching hour hits and melt downs are a regular part of the day, usually switching off between Scarlett and Ames. Welles works to cheer up grumpy afternoon attitudes but also provokes them by stealing toys and then kissing them to make it all better. 

Scott walks in and I urge him to take one of the kids hanging at my feet before mommy loses it. ;) He grabs one and usually walks over to the piano and starts playing. Then, like little magnets, they all get sucked into the music room to dance and listen. They love this activity more than any other part of the day, probably. It's a magical moment. I'll try and stop my mom mode of "get things done" and walk in to enjoy his tunes as well. Our family is so drawn to music and it's like therapy listening to Scott sing and play. Some days, we get real cheese-ball and I'll join in singing while he plays. Scarlett giggles and I'm reminded that these simple and easy family activities are so important. Slowing down is so important. 

After dinner, and now that it's warmed up, we try and get back outside. Family bike rides are our very favorite evening activity. We then come home and make Scarlett help mom and dad with some form of clean up.

If we're on the ball (not as regular as I wish), we'll work on extra school stuff with Scar while the boys undo all the cleaning. Then we wrestle the kids into baths and jammies while making a giant mess and then sing some bedtime songs, say prayers, and get the boys to sleep.

Scarlett is our night owl, and it takes an army to get that girl to bed, but we are working on it! I'm hoping kindergarten will help tucker that child out. She can stay awake in her bed for hours, calling out for us over and over! We take away all toys and she'll sit there loudly making up songs, turn her hands into puppets and pretend to read for hours on end. Her little imagination just can't shut off. It used to be cute. Now it's exhausting... still cute though. ;) Suggestions on this matter are very welcomed... !!

Scott and I finally get time to be together after the chaos and I wish I could say that we do something exciting or productive. The reality is, we are so exhausted by this time that we usually just veg and watch a show together after picking up. We'll talk about our days and Scott will say "I don't know how you do it" so that I feel like my exhaustion is validated. What a guy. <3 

This is our day in a nutshell, not adding in the weekly speech therapies, tumbling, preschool, dance or appointments. I hope this was interesting to someone who requested this post!! We have a great and full life-- we are very blessed. But it's not anything glamorous or unusual. It's just days packed full of kids, fun, poopy diapers, giant messes, hugs, snuggles, music, melt-downs and a lot of family loving. Wouldn't change a thing... 

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